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Product Description


We can simple explain the industrial microwave oven is the larger power unit than our household microwave. Industrial microwave batch oven is mainly applied for commercial & industrial purposes as well as researching field like Institution and University. It has heating, thawing, drying, sterilizing, sintering and extracting function. Vertical microwave batch oven can be designed to single layer or multiple layers of microwave. It is popular to process a small amount of material because of high power with compact and super efficient.

 Model tube number input power(kw) overall dimensional baking tray(mm) charging tray number dry amount each time(kg) equipment weight(Kg) equipment overall dimensions(mm)
WZ-2 12 12 380X380X130 10 10-20 1600 1900X2200X2400
WZ-3 18 18 380X380X130 20 12-30 2200 1950X2200X2400
WZ-4 24 24 580X380X130 20 16-40 2800 2650X2200X2400
WZ-5 30 30 650X300X130 20 20-60 3200 2750X2200X2400

Main Features:

1,Heating fast:The heating material itself becomes a heating element, and the process of the heat conductivity.Therefore, despite the relativelypoor thermal conductivity of the material, also can achieve the heating temperature in a very short period time.

2,Environmental protection,no pollution,meet the country′s latest environment standards.

3,Regardless of the shape of the body parts,microwave heating can make the object inside and outside the uniform penetration of electromagnetic waves and heat energy.

4,This advanced technology, easy to control:microwave heating only need water, the basic conditions of electricity.

5,It is covers an area of small ,safe and harmless,does not produce waste heat and dust pollution.

What are pasta straws?

  • 1、Jul 23, 2018 - Straws made from sugar, wheat, bamboo and pasta are vying to replace the now-reviled plastic ones. But are any up to the task?
  • 2、Oct 9, 2019 - People around the world are using alternatives to plastic straws such as bamboo, glass, and in Italy—they're drinking from pasta straws!
  • 3、But did anyone see the pasta straw coming? In a continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint, an easy foray
  • 4、Forget plastic & soggy paper drinking straws Use STROODLES PASTA STRAWS: 1h+ strong, flavourless, biodegradable (wheat + water), edible, vegan and 
  • 5、Aug 23, 2019 - Stroodles are being trialed in some U.K. restaurants and bars while The Amazing Pasta Straw company, founded by Bob Morris, a restaurateur 

Does Italy use pasta straws?

  • 1、Oct 9, 2019 - Italians are giving plastic straws the boot. Italian bargoers are going to have to use their noodles to suck down their drinks — some bars are using straws made out of pasta, according to a recent Reddit post. “Here in Italy bars are starting to use pasta as straws to reduce plastic use,” according to the post
  • 2、Disposable and biodegradable pasta straws are the perfect replacements for harmful plastic straws and flimsy paper straws
  • 3、Oct 9, 2019 - Italy isn't the only place to adopt the pasta straw though—a London-based company called Stroodles produces edible, biodegradable pasta 
  • 4、They are also perfect for drinking milkshakes because they do not collapse like plastic straws do. Hot drinks? First off, it's not recommended to use any straw 
  • 5、Nov 19, 2019 - And now another reason to celebrate the Italian culture with a possible solution to a huge environmental problem- Plastic Straws… In a time when 

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